Part 2 of the long overdue valentines update.

Come back in 6 months for the next update (God willing)

Part 1 of the long overdue Valentine’s Update (Finally)

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming tomorrow! (Probably)


(Valve Time)

(Valve Time)


Welcome to the first tumblr edition of Artist of the Week! This week’s artist is Jack, artist and creator of the ask blog The Garbage Ponies! You can find The Garbage Ponies at(, his personal blog at (, and Jack’s deviantart at (!

Also, the short animation mentioned in the interview can be found at (; the part that Jack created is from 4:14 to 5:00!

Interviewed by Gendid; ace pony reporter! Check it out!


Several Months ago, at the Garbage Ponies’ dump.

Sooty x Cteno.
Cteno x Sooty Colours

We’re just hanging out.

Streaming some Sooty x Cteno